Bigotic Reason Behind Anti Meritocratic Rules

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This remark was made in response to an early move of the National Socialist Party of Germany, which on April 25 1933 passed the Law against the Overcrowding of German Schools and Institutions of Higher Learning. This stated that “in admissions, care is to be taken that the number of Reich Germans…of non-Aryan descent [i.e. Jews], out of the total attending each school and each faculty, does not exceed the proportion of the non-Aryans [Jews] within the Reich population.” The ratio for admissions was set at 1.5%, and a quota of 5% was imposed on Jewish attendance at any single university or school.

The Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung of April 27 1933 described the rationale behind the act as follows: “Allowing the presence of too high a percentage of people of foreign origin [Jews] in relation to their percentage of the population could be interpreted as an acceptance of the superiority of other races, something decidedly to be rejected.”[3]

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