Cats in Memory

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<teguh123> How did your dog die?
<teguh123> When my cat die I was so sad

<+bada> old age<teguh123> it’s a big strong cat
<+bada> yeah, me too
<teguh123> it doesn’t like the food doctors give
<teguh123> and when it come home, he is supposed to remain on his cage
<teguh123> but he wants out and my bro open it
<+Evilson> dadamnit bada this is frustrating as hell. I can see the bots and they are going exactly where I want them to but my tage are wrong again lmao.
<+Evilson> watch this
<+Evilson> I am about to mess with all of them
<teguh123> hungry, the cat go out, eat some poison and when I found it, it’s already death. I am sooooo sad
<teguh123> what are you talking about evilson?
<+bada> Damn, that is shitty teguh
<+bada> I have no idea what he is talking about
<+bada> Yeah, My dog like, I was sitting in my basement
<+bada> and she was right above me laying down on the floor above me
<+bada> and i heard her tail wagging and shit thumping against the floor
<+bada> and I hadda go meet my friend
<+bada> So I ran upstairs and out the door real quick
<+bada> and accidentally left it open
<+bada> got halfway down the driveway to my car, realized i left the door open
<+Evilson> HTTP/1.1″ 200 28401 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +
<+Evilson> got em
<teguh123> your dog got hit by car?
<+bada> went inside, and my dog wasnt like running out like she normally did when i accidentally would leave the door open
<+Evilson> – – [05/Mar/2010:02:04:37 -0800] “GET
<+bada> and i went to go find her
<+Evilson> ahaha
<+bada> and she was dead in her bed on the floor
<+bada> in a matter of minutes
<teguh123> why?
<teguh123> What cause her dead>?
<+bada> I’m not exactly sure, she was real old
<+bada> We didnt get like an autopsy
<teguh123> One of my young cat simply disappear from the roof
<teguh123> we don’t know where she go
<+bada> bird?
<teguh123> I tried to find everywhere trying to call
<+Evilson> ok wait I was busy with a bot tag.
<+Evilson> bada who died?
<teguh123> didn’t find her till now :(
<teguh123> One of my male bigger cat was missing
<teguh123> I called and called but he doesn’t reply or miaow
<teguh123> Then I noticed that everytime I called her name there is a noise
<+bada> mmmhmn
<teguh123> then I found it on piles of logs. He put his mouth on a pipe so he can’t miaow for help. All he can do, because he’s strong enough, is to shake his body making that noise
<teguh123> we found him after 2 days
<+bada> oh wow
<teguh123> we saw off the pipe because it’s difficult to pull him out
<+bada> Thats crazy
<teguh123> fortunately he is alive to live another 4 years
<teguh123> there is another cat female
<teguh123> somehow she got weak and couldn’t get up, somewhere on a garden outside my house
<+Evilson> ok look I like cats and this is a sad story so its not cool
<+Evilson> change the subject
<teguh123> At that time I had a quarel with my mom. The maid, the only member of our family we comfortably talk to were gone
<+bada> Dude, evilson don’t just come in here and tell regulars not to change their topic of conversation
<+Evilson> sorry bro for your loss but it sucks to hear about cats in trouble
<+Evilson> even my rotweiler wont mess with my cats
<+bada> ^omit the not of that
<teguh123> My mom ask my bro where is the cat, and my bro angrily yell, “I saw it” and move on.
<teguh123> Then my dad told everyone that all this time he saw the cat sleeping outside.
<teguh123> We hurried to the location.
<teguh123> Give milk
<teguh123> and then hurry the cat to doctor
<teguh123> she died within 2 hours
<teguh123> After 4 days without food and water :(
<+bada> thats sad
<+Evilson> teguh123 hey I am sorry if I offended you or distracted you. I just fray away from sad stories. :(
<+bada> losing pets is like harder than losing people to me

the cat’s name is pom pom by the way
<teguh123> you know, doctors say not to let the cat out
<teguh123> but the cat want out and out of compassion, because we LOVE the cat, my bro let him out
<teguh123> that’s why the cat died
<teguh123> I think we shouldn’t love our kids so much that we let them do whatever they want. Lessons learned

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