Does GOD Exist?

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I have no proof but quite a few evidences.  In a sense, then, I can’t say I know. I searched all over the internet.

What I do know is so many times my biz went tits up and I pray to GOD that he makes me rich again. Well, then things look up. Then I said to my self how great I am for being able to pull my self out from the pit again and again. And I started making mistakes, then things went south, and I pray again. And GOD, if HE exist, may have pitied or helped me somehow.

Fuck wealth. If only I can know more this GOD, whoever, or whatever HE is. I’ll be much happier.

What should I do? Where should I search? Internet? LSD? Psylocibin? If Psylocibin can help men find GOD, is that the real reason why it’s prohibited?

There are so many ways to explain away GOD. I know even without a true GOD, humans will create many. I also know that faith does move mountains to another focal Nash equilibrium. Religious doctrines are interpreted to maximize the political interests of the interpreter. Similarity of religious interpretations simply reflect similarity of political interests in poor democratic countries. It’s just somehow there is something more to that.

Let’s start from something “close” to my religion.  What about this If this is true, then Jesus’ blood type should be AB. Can we then extract the DNA and clone HIM? Then we can ask what’s stock price for the future or things that we know we don’t already know yet disprovable? Being a son of Mary we can only wonder where Jesus got his Y-Chromosome. We can check the similarity between that and say, typical Romans or typical Jews, or total lack of mutation, or whatever and shut close all lingering rumors about him.

My prediction, the Y-Chromosome will be a typical European male, confirming that the miracle is just another hoax. But let’s test it.

Why no body look into that further? What are they hiding? Why not just do it? Damn. I want to know. We all want to know. Why keep us in the dark?

So GOD, if you can read this blog, well, I, oh well, we, just want to get to know YOU better. Something more than just what religious bigots often talk about. I mean, what? Creating the earth and the sky millions of years ago and say “See you latter?” C’mon. We miss YOU. Where are YOU? YOU there at all?

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December 8th, 2009

if “objectives moral” exist, that’s mean GOD exist
“objectives moral” do exist, that’s mean GOD exist

January 22nd, 2010

no such thing as objective moral, there is not a single moral principle in the world that people dont argue about. there is no God, God is only an illusion created by men.

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