Ranking 5 Bloon Tower Defense 4

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Wish I can teach VB how to do this right.
In the beginning cash is low. So cost efficiency is important.
At latter points in the game, cash is plenty but space is small. So sell towers and build Sun Gods.
The entry should be filled with lots and lots and lots of MOAB busters. Set them to aim for the strongest bloons, which are the MOAB and the BFB.
Use the save game feature. If no bloon goes out, that means start saving for banana republic. That’s why residual incomes are important. Yet have enough defense against the enemies.
I finished level 75, the last level I can save, without letting a single bloon pass.
Just like in real life, you can never be too rich. Make sure that every single spot that can contain banana research are filled with banana research. Every 15 turn, that one banana research facility.
You should play this game before starting any biz. It’s often the case then as the game progress we feel that we’ve done the right thing even though our solution is not optimal. It’s by doing things really big and plan from the beginning we can see through things. Still certain principle based algorithm will go along way.
How the hell some guy reach level 250 is beyond me.

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