Three Questions to Ponder

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If people were asking what’s this blog is all about, just ponder these for 7 years:

1. Every kid deserve a rich smart BIOLOGICAL dad.
2. If women prefer the rich, how can there be any kid with poor dad.
3. If it’s your money, and women prefer you, why should it be someone else’ cock?

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My new Blog

By admin

As anyone can see, is a blog. When I made that I didn’t know about wordpress. Then I know a lot about wordpress that I can install thousands automatically but still I didn’t have time to upgrade my old homepage into a blog.

I mean, it’s like a big jump. Like moving from VB6 to It’s tricky.

Finally, I did it. I take the leap. I jump the cliff. I cross the whatever.

Ah. That’s all for now. WordPress is great for spamming search engine. It’s not that cool about writing our own content actually.

Oh ya, this blog is available in all languages. All languages worth speaking at least.

What else I can say. Not much. See, it’s a blog. You just say a little thing and then you say another.

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