With Choice Comes Responsibility?

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More like with perception of choice comes demand for responsibility. Hence, it’s toward ones’ best interest to lie to their enemies on choices they have.

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We Always Have Choice

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And should we possess nice powerful range weapons, some of those choices are kind of cool.


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Right Mistake and Choices We Make

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It’s hard to say that you failed because you do the right thing. The right thing are things that lead to successful outcome.

Say someone put gun on your head. Say you know that you can kill him because you have a secret pen gun on your wallet. Yet you didn’t kill that robber. You can’t say you get robbed because you did the right thing. Not killing the robber is the wrong thing.

The same way if your country is unfair, you always have choice. You can leave the country, or you can join the corrupt ranks of the tyrant cronies. Either case you have a choice. We can explain to the mass that too much deviation from meritocratic free market rules is just going to mess us up.

We can tolerate some deviation. However, to a certain extend, once it goes to far, we should consider simply leaving to a more just country or simply take advantage of all the injustice the bad rules do.

Evil are often a necessary counter against another evil. Fairness are simply the right balance between those evil. We humans are the smartest species on this planet. There is nothing smarter beside us, except probably God that most likely will not interfere.

No body can fuck us up unless we first fuck our self up. – Sun Tzu (not exact quotation)

Perhaps the irony of all these greedy selfishness is that quite often the world become a better place not due to morale, but due to greedy selfish capitalistic bastards.

The most productive way to pursue wealth is through capitalism. Now all capitalists in the world will want ALL countries to be richer because the more countries are richer, the more choice all capitalists have.

When that work, wouldn’t that be a victory for freedom and capitalism over all others.

Remember, concentrate on what we want and what we can do and we’ll end up achieving much more.

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