Strange Dream

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Tonight I had a strange dream. My reality is altered. In the new reality I am not marrying anyone. For some reason Fanny is seeing someone else. I found my self ended up wooing her and another girl. I explained that not being competitive is wrong and those opposing competition must be slaughtered. She doesn’t care. I was lonely.

But in that reality I made more money. I explain to her that I earned more anyway and she thinks about it but still unmoved. I just walked. I was puzzled, how in the earth my reality can change just like that. What did I do? Did the last one was a dream. I tried to blink back but couldn’t. My biz is uncertain as always anyway.

Then I woke up, to the old reality I am familiar with. At first I didn’t realize it. But then I remembered. Ah…. I married Fanny in this reality. A decision I often hate. Sure enough she showed up. After I told her about my dream, she told me about how I would become uncle scrooge if I didn’t marry her.

Well, I supposed picking a moderate choice some 2 years back wasn’t that bad. Humans are sheeps and we often just follow the crowd, even when we know that crowd’s idea sucks. I am happier in this reality than the one in my dream. Maybe if I realized this sooner, I would have been even happier with other, or others :)

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Self Portrait

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IMG_0671 <- selected by the model to be his face book profile photo







When Fanny did the photograph I look so ugly :( no matter how I pose.





Don’t hire Fanny as your photographer. Hire me instead.

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