Even God Prefer to Have a Son out of Wedlock

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Few people know who Jesus’ real dad is, and that’s why he got crucified. Perhaps more communication can help?

Also God gave some land to Jews. But He didn’t tell everyone else about it. You see why we got war?

Then God give some mandate for some guy to be an emperor. Again… More war, genocide, ling chi, and mie zu. Communication here…

Then He inspired our legislators to raise tax for more entertainment money so our legislators can go screw some hoes and use weed in netherland. I mean our legislators must have been doing God’s will because all government is from God right?

After that he blew up Merapi because some porn star come to my country.

Why God oh why?

Communication is easy. I suppose showing up on TV or youtube once in a while would work.

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Pandora and Eve. Same guys (or girls)?

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The story of Pandora is very similar with the story of Adam. Both want to know something and somehow their acts of inquiry leads to the source of “all evil”. Is it truly evil or perhaps, illusion of evil, or perhaps awareness of evil, to be more exact?

Many have suggested that the forbidden fruit is really “sex”. Why?

Sex is always a sacred topic. Why sacred? Well, that’s because we call it that way. Why do we call it that way? Because we don’t want others to question our stories.

But why sex? We don’t call stock market sacred. Well, we sometimes call power as sacred too actually claiming that God or something beyond our power, control and comprehension, decide things to be the way they are, if we like those things.

Sex is indeed special. All of us are essentially selling the same product. Those who fail to sell themselves as sex objects will go extinct while those who succeed will inherit the earth. There is no alternative. There is no substitute product. We can’t just back of from that market and sell something else.

We can fail to sell everything else but if we manage to breed like rabbits, our bloodlines will still be the one surviving in the gene pool and will inherit the world and all the contents.

The way we evolve, when we’re not at war we’re in a race. To avoid quick death we either agree to be partially enslaved. Once we got our chance, it’s our turn to impose our terms on others.

Humans are quite likely not created and definitely not equal. A few generations from now, all that we achieve, all that we have gained, all wealth we have accrued, will go to the descendants of whoever makes the most kids. Call it tax, socialist revolution, genocide, lawsuits, redistribution of wealth, public school or whatever, all the wealth of the rich will slowly or quickly dribble down to those who manage to make kids. Yes, most will go to our kids. However, what proportion of future kids’ genes will be our genes?

In survival for whoever can find something that works, a few will be winner and get a few most beautiful girls. Fewer still will be big winners and mate with thousands begetting thousands of kids. Some will never mate. The rest settle for a stalemate called monogamy.

All of us will then want to win as big as possible. Whoever win, especially win big, will then do it at the expense of others. Most of us will try to win as much as possible and that means screwing everyone else.

Humans then do many things to prevent others from winning. Most societies have various ways to prohibit various consensual sex acts. Hence whichever humans have power over others can increase their reproductive success by separating their target market from tougher competitors. Poor countries have laws against inter religious marriages. Democracies have laws against polygamy and prostitution.

Those who are in power decided morality. The powerful are also the one that can utilize force more. It’s not a coincidence that the more countries are harsh on consensual acts, the more that countries are lenient toward non consensual acts. Those are just samples of societies where forces prevail over competition.

But still the biggest weapon humans have against another is the belief that all these doesn’t matter. Who do not want to get all the chicks while the rest of the world work slavishly and earn money for them? As much as possible humans want to trick all other humans to get the shorter end of the stick.

Those who question can understand. Those who understand can change the world toward his interest, which often means our expense. We don’t want change. So we don’t like questions. Hence, we call sex sacred. We said God created marriage and define that marriage according to our interests.

That is why any knowledge that might enlighten us to what’s really going on will always be a forbidden fruit. Norms and laws tend to look down upon porn and commercialized sex. The former allow us to dream a better winning life’s purpose. The second establish market price clearly pointing the objective truth of what humans truly want in sex, what they’re willing to offer or accept in exchange of it, and how much.

On the other hand, fairy tales that help keep most humans in the dark will be treated as holies. Those stories that can convince as many as possible to be nice hard working celibate monks, will be exalted to the highest degree.

Now, why sex is sacred again? Well, if life is a running race, we want to trick others to walk or crawl slowly. That trick is called morality. We do not want those we trick to know too much or question the social structure we create for them. Lest their eyes will be opened and they will become like us, knowing what’s truly behind all this morality and hence, pecking order and power structure that govern their lives.

Those who are enlightened will not be so docile in the future. Why should the king get all the babes? If God don’t make him a king, does that mean I can be a king too if I successfully rebel? They then become dangerous. That’s, in a sense, source of all evil isn’t it? We call it evil because those we tricked no longer do what we wish.

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Morality 101

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The strong win the winners will somehow be “right”

1. Commit genocide.

2. To minimize political costs, come up with a story that somehow the victims are the one that’s evil.

3. Wait a few thousands of years and behold…. The story will have became sacred truth.

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