Blessed be Those Who Succesfully Reproduce with Governments’ Money

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For their kind will inherit the earth. The other hard working tax paying peers are suckers.

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Opposition to Freedom, Competition, and Commercialization of Anything are Root of All Evil

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Would people in middle east kill each other if they think that all these land are just another form of money? If money buys anything governments tell us not to buy, will there be war?

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Why We Should be Good to Employees

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How can you be so cold hearted?

There are so many evil people in the world.

There are thieves, burglars, robbers, and murderers. There are taxes. There are those who NEVER work for me and yet get my money anyway. There are commies that get YOUR money by screaming how evil YOU are.

And yet there are these employees that worked for me diligently allowing me to do bigger things. And they want to steal my idea? Ideas I have in abundance? And I am going to get mad at them?

You crazy?

Maybe this is why capitalists ended up getting screwed by governments and everyone. We’re too weak because we don’t have friends. We don’t have friends because we are too stingy to those that are helping us.

When a person work for me for long, I would make generous deals with them. If they can take over my biz and share me something, I’ll be glad. I can move on to other things. That programmer now start earning way more. Bigger than what he would earn had he work for other boss.

Just like I want to avenge vermins that screw my money, so I want to benefit those that benefit me, including those that do it out of their selfish interest. Yes it’s win win. But I still want to be nice to them.

I thought the bible told us not to bother picking grains that are left over when we harvest crops. Let the poor have it.

Business ideas and systems are like crops. We can only take so much. So many biz ideas I can only use 1 or 2 at most. Pick the best one. Let the poor “work” on the rest so the world become prosperous.

That’s the true spirit of capitalism. Share abundance and get abundance in return.

I still hate commies. They want my money? Work!!!!! And stop bullshitting the world that free trade or free sex is evil.

And to think that because I can do something others can do that too is a serious understatement of my capability :)

Teggie, the rule of thumb is that if you (meaning anyone) can do something – lots of other people can do it quicker, better and more effectively.

Just got to keep moving and cover your ass.

You don’t want next weeks syndk8 thread to read..

“Oh shits! ITS OVER! my slave stole eveything! EVERYTHING!”

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No Body Will Get Married

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If the alternatives are all legal. And they will be legal once people understand evolution theory and realize that marriage is just societies trap to undermine choice and competition.

Choice and competition is the very things that move society toward productivity and prosperity. Societies that fail to embrace free fair competition will get left behind by those who do.

Those who are the most competitive, like movie artists, either engage in free sex or get divorced easily.  Only those who can’t get better offer get stucked in marriage.

Majority of upper class young people that I know already engage in free sex. Marriage, and other governments’ intervention in our life, would be a thing of the past.

Marriage will be gone in 25 years or will severely decline. It’ll be a triumph of individual choice over iron hand fascist rules.

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