You Have a Right to Pursue Happiness

By admin

As long as you can convince everyone that your happiness is a good thing, and gun down those who disagree.

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Happiness is

By admin

Owning $10 million dollars, and 10 biological children.

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Pursue Happiness Eliminate Poverty Reach Enlightenment

By admin

Get Rich Bang Bitch

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Five Source of Happiness

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1. Sex outside marriage
2. Power earned through giving and getting bribe. Some says it’s happier to those who give though.
3. Wealth and luxury.
4. Whacking up your head to inject happiness straight (fasting, tapa, samadi, spiritualism, drugs)
5. Preventing others, through tricks and forces from attaining happiness.

Think I am ready to make my own religion?

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A Key to Motivate People

By admin

Is to provide them with what they want.

What about if we can’t give them what they want best?

Well, if what we’re offering is not the best they can get, we simply prohibit all better alternatives. We do not need to prohibit all alternatives. Just the better ones.

Hence, a wise and manipulative rulers will heavily regulate reproduction and prohibit many consensual acts. How come then people still want to work hard? If they just want some virtual happiness they can always do drug? A wise manipulative rulers then simply prohibit most recreational drugs.

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Key to Happiness

By admin

I have all been wrong in keep chasing high quality, high class, prime meats. They don’t even reply to my messages.

High class snobbish marriage oriented girls seem to have forgotten their divine, holy, natural roles as fuck toy and think they are commanders instead.

I think a key to happiness is to follow my feeling and aim for any under priced beautiful girls in various spa and massage parlors. Let’s just say they’re much easier to approach and more open to frank talk. Also they are all pretty liberal and half lesbians, which is the right attitude for women.

They most likely abhor marriage even more than I do.

Beauty is a great signal for good genes. Maybe not IQ. But they’ve got to be good somehow.

The vast difference in social status means I do not have to worship them. They’ll most likely settle for contract marriage rather than a full blown government endorsed monogamy bullshit.

Not only I’ll be happier, it’ll also help inspire future young girl generations on what occupations to take if they want to get rich smart males.

Now if only I can figure out how to get out of my current marriage at minimum cost. I shouldn’t have entered into anything endorsed by government. This would be expensive. Sigh…

There are other alternatives though. Like all beautiful women, my wife don’t like to oppose free fair competition. That’s why it’s very important to pick pretty girls. I suppose. Perhaps I can strike some deals.

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