Thy Kingdom Come

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Heaven is being rich. Hell is being poor. Let’s bring heaven on earth for everyone. Embrace free market.

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Ranking 5 Bloon Tower Defense 4

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Wish I can teach VB how to do this right.
In the beginning cash is low. So cost efficiency is important.
At latter points in the game, cash is plenty but space is small. So sell towers and build Sun Gods.
The entry should be filled with lots and lots and lots of MOAB busters. Set them to aim for the strongest bloons, which are the MOAB and the BFB.
Use the save game feature. If no bloon goes out, that means start saving for banana republic. That’s why residual incomes are important. Yet have enough defense against the enemies.
I finished level 75, the last level I can save, without letting a single bloon pass.
Just like in real life, you can never be too rich. Make sure that every single spot that can contain banana research are filled with banana research. Every 15 turn, that one banana research facility.
You should play this game before starting any biz. It’s often the case then as the game progress we feel that we’ve done the right thing even though our solution is not optimal. It’s by doing things really big and plan from the beginning we can see through things. Still certain principle based algorithm will go along way.
How the hell some guy reach level 250 is beyond me.

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Cats in Memory

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<teguh123> How did your dog die?
<teguh123> When my cat die I was so sad

<+bada> old age<teguh123> it’s a big strong cat
<+bada> yeah, me too
<teguh123> it doesn’t like the food doctors give
<teguh123> and when it come home, he is supposed to remain on his cage
<teguh123> but he wants out and my bro open it
<+Evilson> dadamnit bada this is frustrating as hell. I can see the bots and they are going exactly where I want them to but my tage are wrong again lmao.
<+Evilson> watch this
<+Evilson> I am about to mess with all of them
<teguh123> hungry, the cat go out, eat some poison and when I found it, it’s already death. I am sooooo sad
<teguh123> what are you talking about evilson?
<+bada> Damn, that is shitty teguh
<+bada> I have no idea what he is talking about
<+bada> Yeah, My dog like, I was sitting in my basement
<+bada> and she was right above me laying down on the floor above me
<+bada> and i heard her tail wagging and shit thumping against the floor
<+bada> and I hadda go meet my friend
<+bada> So I ran upstairs and out the door real quick
<+bada> and accidentally left it open
<+bada> got halfway down the driveway to my car, realized i left the door open
<+Evilson> HTTP/1.1″ 200 28401 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +
<+Evilson> got em
<teguh123> your dog got hit by car?
<+bada> went inside, and my dog wasnt like running out like she normally did when i accidentally would leave the door open
<+Evilson> – – [05/Mar/2010:02:04:37 -0800] “GET
<+bada> and i went to go find her
<+Evilson> ahaha
<+bada> and she was dead in her bed on the floor
<+bada> in a matter of minutes
<teguh123> why?
<teguh123> What cause her dead>?
<+bada> I’m not exactly sure, she was real old
<+bada> We didnt get like an autopsy
<teguh123> One of my young cat simply disappear from the roof
<teguh123> we don’t know where she go
<+bada> bird?
<teguh123> I tried to find everywhere trying to call
<+Evilson> ok wait I was busy with a bot tag.
<+Evilson> bada who died?
<teguh123> didn’t find her till now :(
<teguh123> One of my male bigger cat was missing
<teguh123> I called and called but he doesn’t reply or miaow
<teguh123> Then I noticed that everytime I called her name there is a noise
<+bada> mmmhmn
<teguh123> then I found it on piles of logs. He put his mouth on a pipe so he can’t miaow for help. All he can do, because he’s strong enough, is to shake his body making that noise
<teguh123> we found him after 2 days
<+bada> oh wow
<teguh123> we saw off the pipe because it’s difficult to pull him out
<+bada> Thats crazy
<teguh123> fortunately he is alive to live another 4 years
<teguh123> there is another cat female
<teguh123> somehow she got weak and couldn’t get up, somewhere on a garden outside my house
<+Evilson> ok look I like cats and this is a sad story so its not cool
<+Evilson> change the subject
<teguh123> At that time I had a quarel with my mom. The maid, the only member of our family we comfortably talk to were gone
<+bada> Dude, evilson don’t just come in here and tell regulars not to change their topic of conversation
<+Evilson> sorry bro for your loss but it sucks to hear about cats in trouble
<+Evilson> even my rotweiler wont mess with my cats
<+bada> ^omit the not of that
<teguh123> My mom ask my bro where is the cat, and my bro angrily yell, “I saw it” and move on.
<teguh123> Then my dad told everyone that all this time he saw the cat sleeping outside.
<teguh123> We hurried to the location.
<teguh123> Give milk
<teguh123> and then hurry the cat to doctor
<teguh123> she died within 2 hours
<teguh123> After 4 days without food and water :(
<+bada> thats sad
<+Evilson> teguh123 hey I am sorry if I offended you or distracted you. I just fray away from sad stories. :(
<+bada> losing pets is like harder than losing people to me

the cat’s name is pom pom by the way
<teguh123> you know, doctors say not to let the cat out
<teguh123> but the cat want out and out of compassion, because we LOVE the cat, my bro let him out
<teguh123> that’s why the cat died
<teguh123> I think we shouldn’t love our kids so much that we let them do whatever they want. Lessons learned

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