Things Have Changed

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In ancient time, there are no robots and salary is low. So we need slaves for menial works.  Now we have robots, programs, and workers productivity are also high enough to pay them salary. So we no longer need that anymore.

In ancient time, things are true, but we don’t know the evidences. So we have faith. Now true things usually have plenty of evidences and things still being justified by faith are usually false. So we no longer need that anymore.

In ancient time, there is no science. So we cannot look smart because others will be too stupid to figure that out even if we do. So we have religion. We no longer need that anymore.

In ancient time there is no blood test. The only way a man can know who the father of his child is by stoning wives that commit adultery. Hence, we have marriage. We no longer need that anymore.

In ancient time there is no IQ tests. The only way we can know if a person can work or not is by making them to go to school and get a degree. Hence, we have schools. We no longer need that anymore.

In ancient time, there is no porn. So we cannot easily judge our mates’ quality. So women signal her quality through complex and expensive seduction games often ending up stucked with low quality jerks instead. We no longer need that anymore.

In ancient time, there is no game theory, political theory, and evolutionary psychology. Even if we understand, there is no way the mass would understand. So we can get along well, we need morality. We no longer need that anymore.

In ancient time, there is no internet, wikileak, wikipedia, and freedom of speech. In ancient time, peace are maintained by blinding everyone to the fact that we’re screwing them. Hence, we have censorship. Now, every body see. So we no longer need that anymore.

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Key to Happiness

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I have all been wrong in keep chasing high quality, high class, prime meats. They don’t even reply to my messages.

High class snobbish marriage oriented girls seem to have forgotten their divine, holy, natural roles as fuck toy and think they are commanders instead.

I think a key to happiness is to follow my feeling and aim for any under priced beautiful girls in various spa and massage parlors. Let’s just say they’re much easier to approach and more open to frank talk. Also they are all pretty liberal and half lesbians, which is the right attitude for women.

They most likely abhor marriage even more than I do.

Beauty is a great signal for good genes. Maybe not IQ. But they’ve got to be good somehow.

The vast difference in social status means I do not have to worship them. They’ll most likely settle for contract marriage rather than a full blown government endorsed monogamy bullshit.

Not only I’ll be happier, it’ll also help inspire future young girl generations on what occupations to take if they want to get rich smart males.

Now if only I can figure out how to get out of my current marriage at minimum cost. I shouldn’t have entered into anything endorsed by government. This would be expensive. Sigh…

There are other alternatives though. Like all beautiful women, my wife don’t like to oppose free fair competition. That’s why it’s very important to pick pretty girls. I suppose. Perhaps I can strike some deals.

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Subconcious Mind the Almighty :)

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bompa2000: and the Collective Unconsciuos that Carl Jung wrote about
teguh_budimulia: I think God have made me rich
teguh_budimulia: well human subconcious is awesome
teguh_budimulia: I don’t need God to explain that
teguh_budimulia: our subconcious is actually God like
teguh_budimulia: you see, we are hardwired by genes that contain information on how to survive in the gene pool
teguh_budimulia: except that unlike deer that only knows how to run from lion humans know many more tricks
teguh_budimulia: without rationally knowing, we actually already subconcioulsy know many things
teguh_budimulia: in fact, our ratio will lead us astray if we try to apply it, without full understanding, on aspects of life that are repeated and essensial for gene pool survival
teguh_budimulia: EQ beat IQ big time when it comes to interpersonal skill
teguh_budimulia: the low IQ guys may not know what’s going on but actually his subconcious mind, not only knows the truth, but correctly lie about it to us and everyone else, in a sense
teguh_budimulia: For example, if you get hit you want to hit back
teguh_budimulia: if you follow your ratio you would think why should I hit back?
teguh_budimulia: The thing is hitting back when get hit is a proven way to survive in the gene pool
teguh_budimulia: those who don’t will be look down upon and everybody will beat him up
teguh_budimulia: so by hitting back you show that you deserve your pecking order
teguh_budimulia: and unless you understand game theories (rather than just decission theory) you may understand why you “GOT” to hit back

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