The Greatest Love of All

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is not far from apathy. Most of  us will be better off if we let everyone else alone and let free market take care of everything.

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Terrorist Maybe Evil

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But at least they’re doing something that might work (for themselves, at everyone’s else expense). If those terrorists are all death, we will be ruled by feminazis. I guess I’ll start learning to bitch then rather than coming up with something that work.

Ooo… my girlfriend don’t want to get knocked up unless we’re married. That’s forced marriage. She never told me about civil marriage till like 1 hour before wedding ceremony. Can I get that annulled?

Oh ya, I don’t believe in romantic love. Extra ordinary claim require extra ordinary evidence. Can I live?

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There is Only One Reason Why Women Want to Get Married

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She prefer someone else’ cock and want your money.

After all that’s what marriage terms effectively are.

Sex is not part of the contract. Marital rape is illegal or useless for males that don’t have rapist mentality. That means she doesn’t have to have sex with you.

And love is out of the question. We know humans are selfish and love only himself. Something as vagues as love is never part of any contract anyway.

So don’t get married. Duh.

The problem is, why most other more straight forward contract where you pay for sex and breeding illegal?

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Love of Money is Root of All Prosperity

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From penicillin to flat TV, none of those are made by altruists. Those are made by greedy capitalists wanting more profit. And all of us are profited too.

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