I always compare my female friends in high school

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With porn stars.

That’s a great way to decide who are worthy to be married.

Actually none because marriage sucks. But well, life is meaningless without biological children.

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Terrorist Maybe Evil

By admin

But at least they’re doing something that might work (for themselves, at everyone’s else expense). If those terrorists are all death, we will be ruled by feminazis. I guess I’ll start learning to bitch then rather than coming up with something that work.

Ooo… my girlfriend don’t want to get knocked up unless we’re married. That’s forced marriage. She never told me about civil marriage till like 1 hour before wedding ceremony. Can I get that annulled?

Oh ya, I don’t believe in romantic love. Extra ordinary claim require extra ordinary evidence. Can I live?

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IQ Tests Will Replace Degree

By admin

just like porn will replace females’ charms and DNA paternity tests will replace marriage. Move forward along with technology. The reason why those 3 are politically incorrect are not because they don’t work. It’s because they work too well in showing accurately the truth.

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Things Have Changed

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In ancient time, there are no robots and salary is low. So we need slaves for menial works.  Now we have robots, programs, and workers productivity are also high enough to pay them salary. So we no longer need that anymore.

In ancient time, things are true, but we don’t know the evidences. So we have faith. Now true things usually have plenty of evidences and things still being justified by faith are usually false. So we no longer need that anymore.

In ancient time, there is no science. So we cannot look smart because others will be too stupid to figure that out even if we do. So we have religion. We no longer need that anymore.

In ancient time there is no blood test. The only way a man can know who the father of his child is by stoning wives that commit adultery. Hence, we have marriage. We no longer need that anymore.

In ancient time there is no IQ tests. The only way we can know if a person can work or not is by making them to go to school and get a degree. Hence, we have schools. We no longer need that anymore.

In ancient time, there is no porn. So we cannot easily judge our mates’ quality. So women signal her quality through complex and expensive seduction games often ending up stucked with low quality jerks instead. We no longer need that anymore.

In ancient time, there is no game theory, political theory, and evolutionary psychology. Even if we understand, there is no way the mass would understand. So we can get along well, we need morality. We no longer need that anymore.

In ancient time, there is no internet, wikileak, wikipedia, and freedom of speech. In ancient time, peace are maintained by blinding everyone to the fact that we’re screwing them. Hence, we have censorship. Now, every body see. So we no longer need that anymore.

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You Always Pay

By admin

If you don’t pay up to your girlfriend, she’ll ask for marriage. If you don’t pay up to your wife, she’ll divorce.

Pay up to your girlfriend. Always. Makes her happy.

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Five Source of Happiness

By admin

1. Sex outside marriage
2. Power earned through giving and getting bribe. Some says it’s happier to those who give though.
3. Wealth and luxury.
4. Whacking up your head to inject happiness straight (fasting, tapa, samadi, spiritualism, drugs)
5. Preventing others, through tricks and forces from attaining happiness.

Think I am ready to make my own religion?

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There is Only One Reason Why Women Want to Get Married

By admin

She prefer someone else’ cock and want your money.

After all that’s what marriage terms effectively are.

Sex is not part of the contract. Marital rape is illegal or useless for males that don’t have rapist mentality. That means she doesn’t have to have sex with you.

And love is out of the question. We know humans are selfish and love only himself. Something as vagues as love is never part of any contract anyway.

So don’t get married. Duh.

The problem is, why most other more straight forward contract where you pay for sex and breeding illegal?

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Key to Happiness

By admin

I have all been wrong in keep chasing high quality, high class, prime meats. They don’t even reply to my messages.

High class snobbish marriage oriented girls seem to have forgotten their divine, holy, natural roles as fuck toy and think they are commanders instead.

I think a key to happiness is to follow my feeling and aim for any under priced beautiful girls in various spa and massage parlors. Let’s just say they’re much easier to approach and more open to frank talk. Also they are all pretty liberal and half lesbians, which is the right attitude for women.

They most likely abhor marriage even more than I do.

Beauty is a great signal for good genes. Maybe not IQ. But they’ve got to be good somehow.

The vast difference in social status means I do not have to worship them. They’ll most likely settle for contract marriage rather than a full blown government endorsed monogamy bullshit.

Not only I’ll be happier, it’ll also help inspire future young girl generations on what occupations to take if they want to get rich smart males.

Now if only I can figure out how to get out of my current marriage at minimum cost. I shouldn’t have entered into anything endorsed by government. This would be expensive. Sigh…

There are other alternatives though. Like all beautiful women, my wife don’t like to oppose free fair competition. That’s why it’s very important to pick pretty girls. I suppose. Perhaps I can strike some deals.

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By admin

Romance is bullshit. Girlfriends is illusion. Marriage is a trap. The highest form of relationship is frieeeeeeeennnnndddddd…..

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Why Divorce is Good

By admin

In the United States, the availability of divorce has increased with unilateral divorce, which allows either member of the couple to dissolve the union.  The change has been associated with lower rates of female suicide and domestic violence, and fewer wives murdered by their husbands.  Unilateral divorce shifts the bargaining power to the person who is getting less out of the marriage and thus is most likely to leave.  The partner getting more from the marriage has to work harder to keep the other person around, which can be good for the marriage and good for the couple.  In other words, unilateral divorce benefits victims and potential victims.

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