The Only Safe Money is

By admin

A lot of money

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Nothing is More Expensive than a Failing Biz

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You can sleep all day, you can spend money, but nothing will be more costly than one big bad biz decisions. One of those will kill you.

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Why Legalization of Polygamy is Sexist

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Because that means the male can have many wives and that’s unfair to women. I think the rule should be changed. Whoever makes more money can have more partners. Fair?

Alternatively I can tell my wife to change roles. Now she can do all the programming job and I do the nagging. See how that works out.

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Why Pursuance of Wealth is Important

By admin

What good is it for a man to learn the whole knowledge yet don’t make money? What good is it for that man to own the whole world yet having no kids to inherit his wealth too?

However there is one more important need for pursuing wealth and babes even for those who want to be philosopher. If you don’t pursue wealth, and you’re wrong, how do you know?

Perhaps in pursuing something that everyone else are pursuing too (except gay people and perhaps normal women) you’ll get feedback on what you did wrong that’ll help enlighten your path to other goals, like going to heaven?

Before I know it, I am already a half politician for it takes power to defend wealth against crooks that want to get on my way.

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There is Only One Reason Why Women Want to Get Married

By admin

She prefer someone else’ cock and want your money.

After all that’s what marriage terms effectively are.

Sex is not part of the contract. Marital rape is illegal or useless for males that don’t have rapist mentality. That means she doesn’t have to have sex with you.

And love is out of the question. We know humans are selfish and love only himself. Something as vagues as love is never part of any contract anyway.

So don’t get married. Duh.

The problem is, why most other more straight forward contract where you pay for sex and breeding illegal?

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Stability vs Expansion

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He who knows he has enough is rich
bompa2000: you should work more on stability, rather than fragile expansions, imo
teguh_budimulia: He who knows he will never have enough will be rich
teguh_budimulia: But yea, stability is an issue there
teguh_budimulia: I need to borrow 5 more adsense ccounts
teguh_budimulia: need steady supply of those things
teguh_budimulia: one guy in syndk8 go away with $500 of my adsense money without paying me my share
bompa2000: He who counsels himself, has a fool for a counselor.
teguh_budimulia: Thanks a lot Bompa
bompa2000 is typing…
bompa2000: np

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Even God Prefer to Have a Son out of Wedlock

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Few people know who Jesus’ real dad is, and that’s why he got crucified. Perhaps more communication can help?

Also God gave some land to Jews. But He didn’t tell everyone else about it. You see why we got war?

Then God give some mandate for some guy to be an emperor. Again… More war, genocide, ling chi, and mie zu. Communication here…

Then He inspired our legislators to raise tax for more entertainment money so our legislators can go screw some hoes and use weed in netherland. I mean our legislators must have been doing God’s will because all government is from God right?

After that he blew up Merapi because some porn star come to my country.

Why God oh why?

Communication is easy. I suppose showing up on TV or youtube once in a while would work.

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Blessed be Those Who Succesfully Reproduce with Governments’ Money

By admin

For their kind will inherit the earth. The other hard working tax paying peers are suckers.

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Strange Dream

By admin

Tonight I had a strange dream. My reality is altered. In the new reality I am not marrying anyone. For some reason Fanny is seeing someone else. I found my self ended up wooing her and another girl. I explained that not being competitive is wrong and those opposing competition must be slaughtered. She doesn’t care. I was lonely.

But in that reality I made more money. I explain to her that I earned more anyway and she thinks about it but still unmoved. I just walked. I was puzzled, how in the earth my reality can change just like that. What did I do? Did the last one was a dream. I tried to blink back but couldn’t. My biz is uncertain as always anyway.

Then I woke up, to the old reality I am familiar with. At first I didn’t realize it. But then I remembered. Ah…. I married Fanny in this reality. A decision I often hate. Sure enough she showed up. After I told her about my dream, she told me about how I would become uncle scrooge if I didn’t marry her.

Well, I supposed picking a moderate choice some 2 years back wasn’t that bad. Humans are sheeps and we often just follow the crowd, even when we know that crowd’s idea sucks. I am happier in this reality than the one in my dream. Maybe if I realized this sooner, I would have been even happier with other, or others :)

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Opposition to Freedom, Competition, and Commercialization of Anything are Root of All Evil

By admin

Would people in middle east kill each other if they think that all these land are just another form of money? If money buys anything governments tell us not to buy, will there be war?

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