A Key to Motivate People

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Is to provide them with what they want.

What about if we can’t give them what they want best?

Well, if what we’re offering is not the best they can get, we simply prohibit all better alternatives. We do not need to prohibit all alternatives. Just the better ones.

Hence, a wise and manipulative rulers will heavily regulate reproduction and prohibit many consensual acts. How come then people still want to work hard? If they just want some virtual happiness they can always do drug? A wise manipulative rulers then simply prohibit most recreational drugs.

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Even God Prefer to Have a Son out of Wedlock

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Few people know who Jesus’ real dad is, and that’s why he got crucified. Perhaps more communication can help?

Also God gave some land to Jews. But He didn’t tell everyone else about it. You see why we got war?

Then God give some mandate for some guy to be an emperor. Again… More war, genocide, ling chi, and mie zu. Communication here…

Then He inspired our legislators to raise tax for more entertainment money so our legislators can go screw some hoes and use weed in netherland. I mean our legislators must have been doing God’s will because all government is from God right?

After that he blew up Merapi because some porn star come to my country.

Why God oh why?

Communication is easy. I suppose showing up on TV or youtube once in a while would work.

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