Love of Money is Root of All Prosperity

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From penicillin to flat TV, none of those are made by altruists. Those are made by greedy capitalists wanting more profit. And all of us are profited too.

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Gus Dur Died

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There goes the most libertarian Indonesian President I admired the most.

While Gus Dur became president, he did a lot to eliminate lies and prejudice in societies. He improved relationship between oppressed Chinese minority and the rest of the Indonesians.

Just a few years after big riots against Chinese ethnic in 1998, Chinese new year become Indonesian’s holiday. Corrupt officials and bigots then ran out of scape goat to explain away Indonesian’s lack of wealth. Economy is improving.

Gus Dur was brought down on trumped up charge by the legislative assembly. Knowing how popular he is, Gus is prevented from being president.

Gus Dur names do not show up on the ballot on Indonesian last 2 elections. The justification was because he’s deemed incapable. That is despite the fact that he is the most capable choice and have shown his capability by leading the country well into freedom and prosperity when he reigned.

Even if he isn’t, why not let the people decide? Isn’t that the whole point of democracy? To let the people decide rather than having choices taken from them? It’s amazing how bigots would take away our best choices under pretext that the choice is too bad.

In addition, his party, which was popular only because of him, is hijacked. That way, people cannot undo legislative’s decision by voting for his party. Gus asked his followers not to vote for his party and number of votes for his party drops significantly, clearly pointing out that he should have remained the leader of the party.

Many still hope that he could become president again. Now that option disappear.

Current president, SBY, is not too bad because he too support free market capitalism and so is his next competitor, JK. They also support globalization, which will enforce freedom and meritocracy to any countries that want to remain competitive. Yet, they did much less than Gus to promote freedom to individuals.

“Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither” – Benjamin Franklin

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No Body Will Get Married

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If the alternatives are all legal. And they will be legal once people understand evolution theory and realize that marriage is just societies trap to undermine choice and competition.

Choice and competition is the very things that move society toward productivity and prosperity. Societies that fail to embrace free fair competition will get left behind by those who do.

Those who are the most competitive, like movie artists, either engage in free sex or get divorced easily.  Only those who can’t get better offer get stucked in marriage.

Majority of upper class young people that I know already engage in free sex. Marriage, and other governments’ intervention in our life, would be a thing of the past.

Marriage will be gone in 25 years or will severely decline. It’ll be a triumph of individual choice over iron hand fascist rules.

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