Religions Are Not Necessarily Bad

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Sometimes better ideas need a little magical push to turn them into reality. Imagine if there is no religion. Imagine if God (whether he’s real or just imaginary) didn’t tell that we shouldn’t kow tow to emperors (or party chairmen, or dear leaders or whatever). Till today we may have evolved down into gorillas like those commies.

Nowadays, those ideas are getting less and less thanks to science.

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Why Religion is Useful

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Maintain perception, or quite often, illusion of fairness, especially when you’re not.

Maintain beliefs favorable to you especially when it’s wrong.

Increase sells, especially if your offers are worthless.

Blame some other guy, especially when they’re innocent.

Getting rid competitors, especially when their offers are better.

Defend your self in the court of public opinion, especially when you’re evil.

Look very smart, especially when the question is way out of your knowledge space.

To look strong when you’re weak.

To look oppressed when you are oppressing others.

So no God is not death. Religion will be here for a very long time.

To think that religion is wrong is understandable. Say I am a perfectly rational being. Seeing all these benefits I too would “pretend” to be religious. Machiavelli would agree. Some people don’t like pretending so they believe their own non sense. Doesn’t seem like a bad strategy.

Of course, when religions are separate than politic, people would realize that they can no longer push people around just by believing crazy stuffs. The cost of believing crazy idea start outweighing the benefit and religions then go out of Denmark.

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Religious Opinions are Less than Untrue

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It’s against truth. In fact, one way to know the truth is to see what religious bigots say again and again and again, and think of the opposite.

Another way to find the truth is to look for what religious bigots do not want you to know, see, read or hear. Now there is some truth there. Truth expressed credibly that it doesn’t incite just your logic, but your emotion. That’s the very thing religions do not want you to see.

The same goes for feminazis, enviromentalists, and socialists.

The more everyone else want you to believe something, the more the opposite is true.

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