Why should we respect women for their brain rather than their beauty?

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Who decides that brains are more respect worthy than beauty? It’s pretty obvious that economically speaking, beauty is far more in demand and worth more dollar than brain in women.

Who decides that hard work, willingness to work harder, bravery in combat, suicidal preference to take risk for things like respects, traits that are far more common in males, are more respect worthy than simple beauty?

I know many hot babes from my high school with far lower math skill than I do (as virtually 99% of humans are).

Should I disrespect them for being dumb? Am I a misogynists to feel that they’re goddesses? Despite the fact that those hot babes couldn’t derive all formulas taught in school, should I look down on them?

Do I hate women for valuing them for what they are, namely awesome sex objects, without which I will go extinct and all else will be meaningless?

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